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The Generation of Our Best 100 Lists

Best 100 Lists Rules

       All of our lists are generated solely by the votes cast online.  There is absolutely no editing process involved.  The only human contact that is involved is counting the votes.  Each top ten vote gets one point.  The book, song, artist, ect. with the most votes is placed at the top of that list.  If there is a tie we use a random number generator to rank listings with the same number of votes. 

Best 100 Lists Rules

Multiple Votes

  When someone casts ten votes for the same thing, such as ten votes for "Tom Hanks" for the Best 100 Actors, the vote is simply deleted. This is the only time that votes are not counted.

Best 100 Lists Rules

  If there are any further questions about how our lists are generated please feel free to contact us or ask a question on the Best 100 Lists Forum and hopefully we can answer your questions.  If you are unhappy with any of the lists please vote for your favorites and maybe in time the lists will change to reflect your preferences.