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Al Pacino 


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        i love al pacino but de niro is something else and the reason why he is great he is ranked number one and he deserve it.

Review posted by: jimmy

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       I think people can't compare Al to Robert because they are both excellent actors and had acted in the greatest films on history(The Godfather,Taxi driver) but for me personally when it comes to choose one of them i say PACINO.He gets into the character in every film he makes(GODFATHER TRILOGY,SERPPICO,DOG DAY AFTERNOON)..By the way...haven't you seen Dog Day or Scent of a woman or even ...And Justice for All?? my point is that you should have put Al first and then Robert!...plzz.

Review posted by: First

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       Pacino is without a doubt the greatest actor who ever lived, not only because he brings unmatched levels of intensity and inhabits his very diverse characters, but because more than anyone else, he has the ability to convey the greatest amounts of emotions by saying nothing at all (see the Sollozzo killing scene in The Godfather, the Kay and Michael fight scene in Godfather II, the last scene in Godfather II and the hospital scene in Serpico for examples of his ability).  These are just a few of the reasons why he surpassed his mentor, Brando and surpassed his contemporary, DeNiro.

Review posted by: Cate

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       I just love Al Pacino.He is simply the best.No actor will be born again like him.He is uniq.He is nr.1 in my top.leonardo Di Caprio could be the next big actor.

Review posted by: kl

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       For my opinion , Al Pacino is the greatest actor of all time because he lives his roles and he can dominate every role that he playes . I think he is the greatest interpreter of all time and he will always be , no one can be better than him.

Review posted by: majl

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       At his peak, he was the most intense actor ever. He could dominate any scene, no matter the subject, no matter the other actors working with him. I personally felt that he outperformed Brando in the first Godfather with a brillaint effort in showing Michael's transformation from reluctant son to mob boss. He was even better in Part II - giving an acting clinic that I consider to be the single greatest performance of any actor ever. He was simply untouchable there. Dog Day Afternoon is another unreal performance. Amazingly raw power and emotion in his performance. And everything else... Serpico, And Justice for All, Glengarry Glen Ross, Scent of a Woman, The Insider, Scarecrow, Scarface, Donnie Brasco, Heat, Insomnia, Angels in America, Carlito's Way, etc. The high points of his career were greater than that of any other actor in my humble opinion.

Review posted by: ThisGuy

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       between de niro and pacino in their solo roles they have been equally the best and you could not distinguish between the two actors other than de niro has proved his ability in comedy.

Review posted by: Anonymous

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       Al Pacino is a living legend.. and it would be unfair to say that he is the best or some other actor is, like Robert De Niero, Marlon Brando or Tom Hanks... All are great actors, but there is something different about Al Pacino.He just doesn't act his roles he lives them.. One of the most intense actors of all time, he has changed the level of acting in the film industry since he starred in the film The Godfather (as Michael Corleone). This man certainly deserves more than just one Oscar...Well, as for me, he is the best...

Review posted by: PAPA

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