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 Angelina Jolie


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       Honestly, I do not just love her as an actress...but I will say that her best performance was arguebly Gia. She was such a the best way possible of course.

Review posted by: Hannai

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       Not only are jolie's hots overrated, but her talent is too. she sucks.

Review posted by: dfgjklfgenmhdfmki

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       Angelina is an amazing actor! "The trash can man" needs to quit living in a trash can because he doesnt know what a good actress even looks like!

Review posted by: kayla

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       Word is that Angelina is to star in Atlas Shrugged as Dagny.  Someone please put and end to this ASAP!  She will destroy what could possible be a great film.  That being said, the only movie I liked her in EVER was Gia for obvious reasons...  Best 100 actor???  I think not!

Review posted by: The Trash Can Man

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       Angelina has performed many diverse roles- she is incredibly talented and is one of those actresses that strives for perfection.

Review posted by: Cayman

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