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 Bruce Willis


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       hey bruce willis you ar awsome in you acting  you are excellent keep doing the best ways in  action  you are grezt in diehard trilogys   the creepest you in the terrfing sixthsense you gave best performence  12 rounds  unbreakable they drama  suspense as cop you play good part in pulp fiction you where the off the hook good  last movie i seen red action comedy you where great bruce  will you started acting in the 80s called moonlight love romantice drama  good series   bruce wills you got all  the acting skill  you great best actor  should be top 5.

Review posted by: red

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       Bruce Willis is usually really good.  I especially like him now that he has become more multidementional.  He used to always sort of be just a tough guy, but now has the ability to also be very very funny.  Was great in the die hard moveis obviously, but was also really funny in his arc or Friends.

Review posted by: Jaycole

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       Great Actor!!

       Should be in top 30 to be honest. :).

Review posted by: Nick Gornall

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