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 Charlton Heston


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       Excuse me, but I can't see how the wooden Charlton Heston made it in any list of 100 best actors or any best actor list at all.  As one wag put it, he ran the gamut of emotions from A to B (I believe that was said about Katherine Hepburn, but it certainly fits old Charlie as well).  He added nothing but stiffness to any role he ever played.  He and his NRA belong together.  May they both rest in peace.  He was a handsome piece of wood though - probably that's how he got cast in the first place in old Hollywood.  New Hollywood would have demanded much more from him, and I doubt if he could have cut it under any circumstances.

Review posted by: Sugar

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       Surprised to see Charlton Heston's name at number 68 in the list.  On checking the numbers of Lawrence Olivier and Charlie Chaplin, stopped wondering about that 68.  Those two magnificent  biblicaal movies of all times namely Ten Commandments and Benher made me the ardent fan of Heston.  The larger than the life size roles in these moview appear to be tailor-made for him.  In mythological essays on silver screen, I could so far find only one actor equivalently brilliant, in Telugu silver screen, by name SV Ranga Rao.  Heston is a gift to the world of mythological movies.

Review posted by: sharma

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