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Christian Bale


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       hey christain bale as batman in the dark night was great awsome  you played excellent than ever than other batman movies good luck for you won oscar for the fighter.

Review posted by: darknight

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       Bale's performances are among the best that I've ever seen. Everyone knows his work in Terminator Salvation and the Batman series, but if you have the time you should see is lesser known works, such as Equilibrium-they do not disappoint in the least.

Review posted by: Jim

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       Christian Bale's performance in American Psycho and then his Role as the Machinist put him in the position to become the A-List actor he is (ie John Connor & Batman).  Kudos to Christian Bale taking his job seriously. I have very little respect for performing artists because most of them rely on good looks or effects, rather than a dedication to appearing genuine in their roles.

Review posted by: Zen

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       Christian Bale is one of the best male actors of our age. His appearances, personal life and habits are not spectacularly interesting are amazing - his acting definitely is.

       It first struck me, and I'm sure others as well, when I watched "Batman Begins". His performace is stunning - he was able to become so involved in each character role he played (i.e. the sadistic Wayne, rich funnyman Wayne and Batman).  His performance is REAL and although we all know that there is no such thing as flying and performing the amazing feats that Batman (and Wayne in some instances) does in the movie, we unconsciously find ourselves believing everything he does.

       Before you all fall asleep, I'll end my review here by saying I'm thoroughly impressed with Bale's performances and I believe somethings clearly wrong that he has not recieved any Oscars yet.

Review posted by: The Critic

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       He should be in top 20 at least. He has proven himself in some movies such as The Prestige and The Dark Knight. His ability of acting just impresses me.

Review posted by: KB24

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       Possible the gretaest piece of acting seen by a child. Empire of the Sun was a beatuiful film in every sense. What a performance!

Review posted by: Richard Jackson

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