Best 100 Actors of all time
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 Clint Eastwood


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       Clint Owns!!! Who are noobs putting him at 13! He clearly should be at number 1. I could handle maybe if he were at 2 of 3, but 13?!?! That's a disgrace. That movie's he's been in:

       "For A Few Dollars More" (favourite film of all time), "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", "Dirty Harry", "Gran Torino".......The list is endless!!!

       Best actor ever.

Review posted by: Ryan

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       I can't seem to understand why clint is so far behind in the list. Are you honestly going to tell me Bradd Pitt, or Johnny Depp deserve to be above clint? Those b rate actors should be atleast in the in the 40's or 50's section.  Clint has done the best acting in all of his films, and has never even come close to anything not as good as a shity pitt or depp moviel. just come on im pissed now.

Review posted by: T. Ryan L.

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       Clint Eastwood  has more talent as a director than an actor. Unforgiven was his best work.

Review posted by: R.S.

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       Clint is the best no doubth about it, he has been around for a long time and from the beginning he has shown to be the best!, The Good The Bad and the Ugly!!!!!!!!, as a Director has not done a bad movie yet!, CLINT FOR EVER!!

Review posted by: Ricky Paredes

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       Clint deserves to be atleast in the top 5, if not no.1....
 C'mon guys Brad Pitt at 10 and Clint at 26....not fair!.

Review posted by: Eastwood Fan

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       Clint Eastwood should be even higher up the list. At least in the top 10. Eastwood is the only western actor to rival even John Wayne, but what really makes him such an excellent actor is that he is not limited to any one type of movie subject.

Review posted by: Logan Wartz

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       Eastwood is truly the only actor to rival even John Wayne for the best western actor. And he is by no means limited to that genre. Doing films like Dirty Harry and Escape from Alcatraz, and he always plays a tough guy, but never is too cocky.

Review posted by: Unknown

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