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Daniel Day-Lewis


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       I always thought Ralph Fiennes is the best actor in the world, and I still believe he is a 'AAA' actor alongside Movie Legends as Jack Nickolson,Marlon Brando,Leonardo Dicaprio,Humphrey Bogart,Meryl Streep,Robert DiNero,Al Pacino,Geoffrey Rush,Anthony Hopkins,Dustin Hoffman,Orson Wells and many more.But I realized as good as  any 'AAA' actors all these people are and were,there are one among them that is so very unique in his own right,that he just stand out in a crowd of people who already stand out...Daniel Day-Lewis is an exceptional actor of the highest caliber. A good actor in my mind must be like putty ;he/she must be able to mold and transform for every different role they play. If you pretty much have the same roles,same lines,same attitude,same method of acting you fall in the van Damme/Seagal boat . Daniel Day-Lewis transcends acting to a new level. I saw him for the first time in Scorsese`s Gangs of New York and as much as I love DiCaprio I just wished he would get out of the way so that I can bask in Day-Lewis` overwhelming believability as 'The Butcher'. Then I saw him as Daniel Plainview in 2007`s mind blowing 'There will be blood' again antagonistic. In 'The Crucible' he is John Practor ,'My left foot' a most convincing but none-sympathy enforcing Irishman, Christy Brown diagnosed with cerebral palsy which is based on a true story.Every film he plays in he doen`t just act but becomes the character.He no longer is 'the Actor' but he is.This style of 'method acting' really aggravated his co-actors and co-workers.He refuses to break character even off-set for months at a time.In 'The Boxer' he trained excessively.In 'In the name of the father' he starved himself on occasions for better effect ,slept in a cold jail for days and requested to be verbally abused and thrown with cold water.It sounds extreme and borderline nuts.In 'The last of the Mohicans' he lived for months in the wild,where learned to build Canoes and skin animals. Apparently he broke some ribs after a few months while living off-set in a wheelchair for My left foot.Stage hands had to lift him over things to get him on-set and spoon feed him. I read somewhere he even dresses according to the film he plays in for months on end and refused to be called by his real name during the filming-period.Most would argue this is eccentric ,schizophrenic, obsessive,delusional, or  method acting is for actors who can`t break character out of fear of not being consistent and loosing 'IT' .I think it is genius.Some Jurno`s even suggest that he does this because of his anti-social tencencies,his obssesive drive to be perfect and the very best, that in the process he demeans all his co-workers.

       He doesn`t play in films frequently ,only roles he choose and studies very long,but it seems that when he does he makes them absolutely memorable.

       Acting is no longer just acting ,but absolute character role  devotion just for our 2 hour entertainment thanks to this "Great Pretender"- Daniel Day-Lewis.

Review posted by: Anonymous

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       I would rate Day Lewis along with Robert De Niro as the best actors i have seen. His performances in Left Foot, gangs of newyork, last of the mochians and There will be blood is simply stunning. To know that others rate the likes of will smith, johnny depp, tom hanks and brad pitt before him is an absolute travesty.

Review posted by: Goutham

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       He ain't grossed any near as much as some actors have cause guess what its not about money... Its not about aweful franchise movies or big bold and heartless cash cow performances from rich actors that don't bother cause their paycheck is 12 million! 

       It's about making a beautiful unique movie that is far to smart for 90% of people.  The type of people that hate DDL are the type of people that buy shit boyband pop music music.

       The most Bafta awards ever won by an actor is one of his many titles he has including two ocsars.His performance in THERE WILL BE BLOOD is prolific and perfection.

      Incredible actor.  Deserves to be in the top 5 without a dout and for me personaly number 1.

Review posted by: Tomyeah 

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       DDL needs to be higher up on this list, if not no. 1! his works are genius and the man embodies brilliance. He doesn't just deliver his lines he lives them, he creaetes another being completely, he finds what he needs for the character within himslef but creates something new and brings a script to life. It's almost too amazing. Watching a DDL movie is like a religious experience. Each time you watch one of his films again you find something even more dynamic about the character he's created, even more compelling. This man has a gift to wash himself away in a movie and give an ace of a performance.

Review posted by: bri

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       Daniel Day-Lewis is certainly one of the finest actors. Although many would rate his best preformance  in "There Will Be Blood" I would have to say that "Gangs of New York" would get my vote because of the intense complexity of this character.

Review posted by: R.S.

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       I hate to go along with the crowd here, but DDLs preformance in There will be blood was a tour de force That is unmatched, if any other actor played that part THe movie would be mediocre, but With DDLs preformance it is oficcialy the greatest movie of all time (other good ones include: gangs of NY, my left foot, in the name of the father, ect ect).

Review posted by: Richard

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       Have you not seen There Will Be Blood, he is the greatest actor of all-time based on that performance solely.

Review posted by: jacksonhewitt

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       Daniel Day-Lewis, although not as active as De Niro, Pacino, DiCaprio, etc., he is still a top 5/top 10 actor of all time.  It seems that everytime he is in a movie, he puts together brilliant performances.  His performance in There Will Be Blood is perhaps the greatest in cinema history.

Review posted by: HurricanesR1

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