Best 100 Actors of all time
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Denzel Washington 


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       Denzel Washington should be on top of the list ahead of de niro he the greatest period not  just the great black actor he the greatest actor period.

Review posted by: angel 

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       I dont know how he is not at least in the top 5, every movie he has been in could of easily won an oscar. tom hanks is great but denzel is better and has been better than most of the actors in front of him.

Review posted by: 2

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       Who could forget the cold calculating perfomance of Denzel Washington in "Training Day" above right and wrong and utterly indifferent to human life.

Review posted by: R.S.

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       Denzel is one of my favorites!!... Astunishing Performance in Man On Fire.., American Gangster......Along with Morgan Freeman of Course ... an Samuel l Jackson.... but i'm surre i'ts a little better than does.... Great Actor.

Review posted by: Raul

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       His performance in Training Day gave me chills. The second greatest black actor of all time, second only to Morgan Freeman.

Review posted by: tarintino93

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       Undoubtubly the greatest black actor of all time along with morgen freeman and will smith. His performance as Frank Lewis is amazing. And his portrail of herman boome is astonishing everytime I see him I look for the titans. Personly my favorite actor.

Review posted by: Bum69

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