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Edward Norton 


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       Ed Norton is amazing!  Fight Club, Rounders, American History X, just to name a few.  It seems that every movie that this guy makes is outstanding.

Review posted by: Alto

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       He is a good actor.  I admire his acting skills in Fight club.  Not many people can beat themselfs up so life-like.


Review posted by: Gert - Jan

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       This actor is great in many ways he cleverly plays off his caracters to perfection.

       "American History X"  where he plays a violent racist skin head, I love this film, the acting is great and I think he should of won an ocsar.

       "Fight Club" where he plays a insomniac fighting with phycosis, This movie is perfect not only the acting but he shows he can be not only good for the serious roles but there are some great comedy scenes within the film which are very funny.

Review posted by: DEREK VINYARD

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