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 Gary Oldman


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       Well, Gary Oldman.  Where do I start?  His role as "Sirius Black" in Harry Potter? No.  His role as "Commissioner Gordon" in the newly revamped batman series?  No.  I think it's safe to say that I can start safely, and quite contently, at his performance in Dracula back in 1992. 

       His character was a charming young man, vampire by nature, but striving to be as human as possible.  He portrayed this character as both a monster and a being striving to seek forgiveness for his own existence.  The performance he gave at the moment of Mina Murray's (Winona Ryder's character) seduction and quickening was completely sexual and more over,  ambivalent with guilt and shame.  In other parts he portrayed the character as very old and broken, quite convincingly too.  He portrayed that character, an icon, perfectly throughout that whole film.  His appearance on screen in this film is completely different than any other major character he has played after this film.

True romance:  1993

       I saw this film (written by the great Quentin Tarantino) at a younger age than I am now and at least once a year through out, for several years, I saw it time after time.  Great film.  One of those classics.  Oldman played a thug lord, a grungy slang talking bastard with no remorse or guilt when it came to killing and pimping women.  The thing is, I didnt even know that was Oldman in the makeup but more importantly under the avatar as the character, the accent of the slang until I was older to realize it.  I had no idea that Oldman was that versatile when it came to film.  When I discovered that was him, I was quite impressed.  It was a surprise that an actor born in London could portray a character so in tune with Americana like that.

The fifth Element:  1997

       Oldman plays a southern accented country space boss in charge of a whole corporation.  His mission: to find four stones that represent and harness the power of the four elements.   His performance in this film was not only cool, but comical.  He did it well if not great. 

       To put a long story short, Oldman is one of the most versatile actors out there and doesn't require a role to have much in common with his personality to perform it.  The man is a multi-talented actor.  He is a polymath of characters.

       Jump back to the beginning of this review and you got a perfect wizard and a perfect commissioner of the police Department of Gotham City to back this whole explanation up.

       Gary Oldman is the man and deserves more praise as an actor than he has all ready received.

Review posted by: JacobTheRedWolf

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