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 Grace Kelly


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       Grace Kelly's beauty and fairy tale marriage obfuscate her acting talents.  While it is true that most of her roles were fairly light and worked well because they fit in with the times in which her movies were made, one must never forget her immensely talented perfomance in Clifford Odet's masterpiece, "Country Girl. " She was once again teamed with Bing Crosby.  This time in a polar departure from their usual light romantic comedies.  Her multi-faceted performance as the somewhat dowdy (Grace Kelly, dowdy?!) unhappy, perservering wife of a has-been alcoholic actor not only deserved an oscar but won one for her.  Her portrayal of the young wife in High Noon was also a role which she made very much her own, even when sharing the screen with the much beloved and taciturn Gary Cooper.  Don't ever kiss off Grace Kelly as just another pretty face.

Review posted by: Archer

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       Princess Grace is so lovely and beautiful.

Review posted by: anon

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