Best 100 Actors of all time
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Halle Berry


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       did you really rank these actors i really dont get it how can you put Halle Belle in the 99 postion .

Review posted by: sammie

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       Hmm...well not sure about the top 10 spot, but definitely better than 99.  It is interesting how so many people see a person with traffic stopping good looks and dismiss their talent.  Yeah, her catwoman wasn't exactily a purring masterpiece, but how about with Billy Bob Thornton in Monster's Ball or how about the Golden Globe nomination she received for her performance in Frankie and Alice?.  Ms Berry not only starred, she produced it.  Some dumb broad, huh?  I look forward to her next movie, which I will not miss, even if she plays a Bond girl again.

Review posted by: Archer

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       You peolpe are SO stupid to put Halle Berry at the number 99 spot she should be in the top 10. DUMB A$$ES.

Review posted by: Lance

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