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 Heath Ledger


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      "DeNiro's well documented use of cocaine" DeNiro never used cocaine, youre thinking of Scorcese bro.

Review posted by: Jeff

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      Heath ledger was the best acting as the joker in dark night he was mastermind crimal he was bad excellent  villan he playe one of his best performace of his life as the joker i have seen dark night many times i still love it   dark night is one of the best action packed movies of all time the best of the best heath ledger you rock should be top 6.

Review posted by: dark night

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      Wow what do you say?This young man conveyed an understanding, empathy and affection through his potrayals rivalling De Niros early work.These men go to places other actors cannot.

       Unfortunately a truely great performance will take its toll,Deniros early blow abuse has been documented.These portrayals require an attachment to humanity Hollywood is not usually parralled with.

       Candy,Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight are three films that should be watched back to back to understand this mans talent.

       IT seems these films took their toll and without romanticising his plight,it is somewhat of a legacy that in this day of mass produced,over rated performances,a man had the rare talent of reaching in and suffering for his craft whilst still being able to create beautiful works  on the horrors of humanity.

Review posted by: brendan si

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      Truly one of the most gifted actors that lived. Heath Ledger was an amazing actor, and he left us with one of his best works in the Dark Knight. Taken far too soon, he continues to live on through his amazing work.

Suggested films:

Dark Knight
A Knight's Tale
Brokeback Mountain
The Brother's Grimm

The upcoming film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was his last.

RIP Heath.

Review posted by: Ana

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      Why so serious???

      What a way to end the career of a great actor (joker in the dark knight).


      Rock On even in heaven Heath!!!

Review posted by: papa

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       He died a great actor and still remains a great actor!!!!

       R.I.P. Heath

Review posted by: AT THE OSCARS

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