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 Henry Fonda


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       I do agree with ARA that Henry Fonda's best film was "On Golden Pond" and that may be because his co-stars were so brilliant.  Katherine Hepburn and Henry's daughter Jane could always act rings around Henry.  I disagree with the fact that Henry Fonda never left the audience wanting.  He left me wanting in every role he played with the possible exception of "On Golden Pond" and "Twelve Angry Men."  Henry is always the same character whether its an Okie in "Grapes of Wrath" or the jurist in "Twelvie Angry Men" or yes, even "On Golden Pond."  Henry plays Henry.  Every time I see him on screen, I start thinking about his I.Q. and how low can it go.  I just don't think Henry had the smarts to seriously  explore and gain insight into any role he played.

Review posted by: Fluffy

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       At his best in his golden years.  On Golden Pond was his best film and one of the best films of all time.  Henry Fonda never left you wanting.

Review posted by: ARA

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