Best 100 Actors of all time
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Humphrey Bogart 


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       I wish the younger generation would learn to appreciate Classic Hollywood.  Humphrey Bogart made one great movie after another. Arguably the greatest Movie Star and Actor of alltime. As of this writing he is number 21...ridiculous!

Review posted by: Reggie

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       Clearly this is the newer generation.  How in the world is this man, Bogy, #19??  Below the left wing commie Sean Penn?? Come on people, what are you all toking?!

Review posted by: starry-eyed gazer

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       Humphrey Bogart screams old Hollywood.  Back when the men were men and everything wasn't about the money or some political agenda.  He was up there on the silver screen for us to love and admire.  And we loved and admired every second of it.

Review posted by: Rashta

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       Not the greatest actor but the greatest movie star of all time.

Review posted by: Leo

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