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 Jack Lemmon


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       Jack Lemmon was very well educated and one classy guy who managed nonetheless to be everyman.  There was nothing phony about Jack Lemmon on stage and I have to believe that held true off stage as well.  He had a delicate touch with comedy which is so rare.  Comedy past and present generally turns me off with his heavy handedness.  I miss Jack very much.  How could anyone make alcoholism funny at times as he did in "The Days of Wine and Roses," or make corporate chicanery both a moral issue and a funny one as he did in "The Apartment?"  He did all of it so naturally and with such a human touch, we will never see the likes of him again.  How sad.

Review posted by: Archer

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       I LOVE Jack Lemmon in almost everything he's in. Obviously, he's best in "Some Like it Hot" and "The Apartment" but he's one of the few film comedic geniuses.

Review posted by: JY. Wilson

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