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 James Dean


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       Who knows what James Dean could have accomplished with his immense talent had he not crashed his Porsche so long ago?   Dean, like Brando, was able to take the method acting training of the time and make it their own and make it better than their teachers ever thought possible.  So many method actors seemed mannered, not Dean ever, and Brando, rarely.  James Dean's steamy presence on screen would have survived as long as we was willing to act.  He would have made a terrific Hannibal Lector or Godfather or even Citizen Kane for that matter.  Oh my, imagine the possibilities.

Review posted by: Sugar

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       Although he only starred in 3 movies in his lifetime (Rebel Without A Cause, Giant & East of Eden), James Dean was a brilliant, charming actor who gave intense performances. He lit up the screen with his very presence.

       Plus, it also helped that he was super hot & super cool.

Review posted by: Raven

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