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Joe Pesci


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       The movie-going public will always remember Joe Pesci as the psycho-gangster-killer in Casino.  There is hope that both the people that make movies: producers, directors, casting agents and writers as well as movie audiences will allow him to play other types of roles.  Any actor that can pull off the diabolical soul that was Pesci in Casino can beyond a doubt do it again in a completely different type of role.  He was allowed to play the hilarious lawyer role in "My Cousin Vinny" and a bad guy, but a really funny bad guy role in "Home Alone."  Movie makers need to allow him room to play something in between so we can get a better idea of this fine actor's ability in a less dramatic setting.   I'd like to see him play a university professor, or some kind of humanitarian.  I think he's got it.

Review posted by: Sugar

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       Joe Pesci is great as a loud mouth gangster.  Does his acting depth really go any deeper than that.  I guess My Cousin Vinny was a little different, but even that was just a funny version of the character he normally plays.  I think he lacks the versitility required to be on a top 100 actors list.

Review posted by: Ryan

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