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 John Travolta


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       John keep it up i liked the way you acted in face off your so hot.

Review posted by: sammie

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       John travolta is a great actor and best dancer  like grease  saturday night fever he rocks the party john travolta got skills as a tapp dancer . when he was in face off he was a badass villian  like pelham 123 broken arrow he givers chills as badman  pulp fiction is very great in his partner samuel jackso travolta is funny funny man when hes in ac tion movies john travolta is at his best in movies.

Review posted by: movies

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       John Travolta is the best actor of all time he is allways funny , cool  his performers as Vincent Vege, Charlie Wax, Danny Zuko, Sean Archer,Castor Troy, And as Ryder in in the taking of pelham. Most be the best and greatest performers of all time. John Travolta is the best of the best.

Review posted by: Anonymous

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