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 John Wayne


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       John Wayne may have not the best actor of all times, but he is certainly one of the most memorable.  He was one of the things that made America Beautiful.  It is a shame there are not many like him left.

Review posted by: FroggyV

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       He is simply and will always be 'the Duke."  He remains popular today despite having been gone for over 30 years.  There will never be another John Wayne.

Review posted by: Rusty

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       Even if John Wayne wasn't the best actor of all time, he was and is an absolute American icon.  Long live the Duke.

Review posted by: anon

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       I'm not sure that John Wayne was such a great actor but he sure is funny to watch.  Especially after you watch others do impressions of him lol.  Spot on.

Review posted by: Acta33

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       John wayne is the best actor ever.

Review posted by: jj

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