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Johnny Depp 


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       johnny is the bast actor.he can play anything.and he is sexy,hot,talented...and this is an endless list.

Review posted by: athina depp

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       Since his performance in Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp has taken Hollywood (and my attention) by storm in his quirky, funny, strange and sometimes dramatic roles. I can't decide which one of his characters is my favourite because, no matter who he portrays, he is still awesome and he seems to get lost in the character (as mostly seen in the POTC films). One of my top favs is Sweeny Todd. I got to see a vengeful side of him AND I got to hear him sing.

Review posted by: SaraStar

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       First movie that i watched featuring johnny depp was pirates of the caribbean...... and liked his role too much as an comedian. Since then i thought that each and every actor can give his best in the roles that suits his personality..... as i thought abt johnny when i watched pirates of the caribbean...... i thought he is a best actor in comey role... But when i watched rest of his movies... there been some movies e.g Edward Scissor, he was not playing comedy role but still giving an amazing performance. by then i watched each and every movie featuring johnny depp and found him amazing in every kind of role..... i in my opinions he became heart of hollywood when he perform the totally different outstanding performance in Sweeney Todd.

Review posted by: naveed e sahar

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       All i have to say is:  What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Edward Scissor Hands, Blow, and Pirates of The Carribean. Totally different person in each film. Almost not even a trace of the same essence that would tie these charactors to the same person. The Dude is a Chameleon.  I have never witnessed anyone but Tom Hanks come close. Greatest Actor of All Time Man.

Review posted by: NIACHA

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       Johnny Depp is not one of the finest actors of all times. He is THE finest actor EVER!

       I really think he should be #1 on the list, no matter how long the list is.

Some random facts about Johnny:

  • He got his first guitar when he was 12
  • For a while, Johnny played with The Kids
  • His first wife thought he would make a great actor
  • He's got about 9-11 tatoos
  • Johnny has two gorgeous kids
  • Johnny Depp, one of the most successfull actors alive, has watched less of his OWN movies than his own KIDS have!

       This smart, talanted, bright, funny, awesome, amazing, etc., ect., actor is not (I woner why!!!) yet on the top of the list, which should CHANGE.

Review posted by: ...

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       Johnny is one of d finest actors of all time. man i m your die hard fan.talent amazingly high,looks are killing,great human bieng. what else an actor can be? u deserve an oscar buddy i pray u got it soon... luv u.

Review posted by: ashu

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       Johnny depp is one of the finest actors in hollywood, He is the king of hollywood. If u consider the titles awarded to him till 2010. those are admirable and infact he deserved them. "actor of the decade", "entertainer of the decade", "powerfull actor in hollywood", "highest paid actor in hollywood", "the biggest entertainer in hollywood", "the only actor to cross 1 billion mark twice", "sexiest men alive". well i wait for the day when he gets an oscar in his hands (have already got three nominations) . He deserves it and i will wait for the day when his name comes among people like Humphary Bogart, James stewart, Gregory peck , Marlon brando which are considered the best men in hollywood according to AFI.

       Johnny depp has given so much amazing movies like pirates of the carribean, blow, finding neverland etc. In each movie his acting is worth admiring, he tranforms himself into the role so beautifully that even joseph di pistone who he portrayed in donnie brasco said that i couldn't differentiate between me and him and same was said by george yung. He tranforms his looks, style and voice. He is considered ideal not only by the people in Hollywood but in other industries also.

       Infact, is short words, He is great as an actor and great as a human being. I love him and i am his die hard fan.

Review posted by: asad

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       i love johnny depp and want him to be no.1 ov the 100 list he is the BEST

Review posted by: Mazza

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       Well,i would like  to express my admiration about Johnny Depp great talent as an actor. It;s been a year since i have started watching his movies and what i want to say is that i am really amazed from his unique ability to transformate.  In every movie it feels like it's someone else, i mean for example if you invite all his caracters for dinner you will see so many different people that you're gonna say  who are all this crazy people.Now that i'm taking an other thought imagine captain jack sparrow having dinner with willy wonka or Tom Hanson with cry-baby the cap and the anarchic (anarchic in a good way) i would like to see that!!

       When i first saw a movie of his at the age of seven (it was Edward scissorhands)i didn't know him and i was so scared by the scissors that i had a really bad dream that night , it was a real nightmare!!!!!!!!!!! (now it's my favourite)That night i swear that i will not see any other movie of his ever.Then when i was older i saw ed wood.Although they say that it's not a good movie i really like it,especially the cross dressing part! And then the secret window(it was late at night after midnight  actually and the next day i had to go to school so, you know my mother start  yelling Anastasia,Mariniki (my sister) go to bed it's too late and bla bla bla...... but i was so exited that i didn't even answer.I was curious to see what is gonna happen next.It was 2 after midnight, i was really tired and the movie had 30 minuts left but i couldn't go to bed, no way,The end was amazing.Finally inocent Mort was not so inocent.last summer i saw Piratesof the caribbean the cursed of the black pearl and that was it,he put a spell on me as the song says and now i can't help watching his movies.
The reason i'm telling this is because i wanna say that until i had known who he is i couldn't realise that edward scissorhands,ed wood,mort Rainey are the same person.It's amazing.

       I have seen all of his movies ecxept fear and lothing in las vegas and the Libertine and i want to mension that ecxept the title of the sex man alive (in which i agree) and all that.... ,well i don't know him personally but i think his very talented person and a good man too.

       Unfortunatly in our days we focus on the beauty more and sometimes we forget to look for real talented people.Johnny  Deep is a great talent!!

Review posted by: anastasie 17 Greece

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       While i don't think Johnny Depp is the greatest actor he has certainly had some unforgettable roles. I honestly think he should take a break from Tim Burton films. I thought his roles in "Blow; The Ninth Gate; and Public Enemies" were some of his better ones.

Review posted by: R.S.

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       Yes Johnny Depp is amazing, he rose from the bottom to the top, with some very unique roles. Like: Cry-Bsby, in my book one of the best movies ever! And Edward Scissorhands, his first movie with Tim Burton. They said he was a rela trooper in this movie because he was wearing a leather, and plastic suite in 90-100 degree weather! He is best known though for his performence in Pirates. It was a spectacular movie, yes but not his best! i like seeing the young Johnny, not the older one. So that's also why i think this new Alic In Wonderland movie will be good for him!

Review posted by: Kitty

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       Johnny Depp is without a doubt one of if not the best actors of all time. Hands down. He has taken on almost every kind of role imaginable. And every time he has nailed it. He obviously has some roles which I'm sure he even wishes he could take back, (nick of time, ninth gate, etc.). He, still to this day shocks the movie goers and movie nuts (like myself), with every role he takes on. Keep doing what you're doing Johnny, an Oscar will come soon enough.

Review posted by: matty j

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       He's the only one who deserves to be called The Best In Every Movie. His acting is stunning, he can be anyone - a childish chocolate-man Willy Wonka or even the demon barber Sweeney Todd. He has no insurmountable obstacle.

Review posted by: Marble

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       He is a very diverse but brilliant actor who can play off the the most difficult characters and make it look easy.

Review posted by: dillinger

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       Dismissed as "box-office poison" by movie moguls in the 1990s for his obscure movies that barely broke even at the box office,Johnny Depp is an actor whose career truy epitomizes the maxim-"Rising from the ashes".With the path-breaking "Pirates of The Caribbean" single-handedly reviving his career in his forty-first year,Johnny Depp's work is one which is characterised by seemingly oddball and off-beat choices which showcase the working of a talent deeply capable of analysing,as well as portraying elements beyond the surface of characters.Taking up roles that woud have,and actually have,made other actor squeamy,Depp is an actor who marches to the beat of his own drum.Notwithstanding his phenomenal success post  "Pirates",Depp is a man who has become a cult icon of sorts for the marginalized in society,and yet is amongst the most popular actors ever.Straddling the worlds of commercial success and critical acclaim with his characteristic ease,cool and poise,Depp is a thinking man's actor,never allowing his audience to suspend their critical insight into the worlds he creates through his innovations on-screen.No wonder that many feel that an Oscar is long overdue to this huge bundle powerhouse of acting talent.

Review posted by: sabby

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