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 Kate Winslet


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       Kate Winslet is the Best Actress of her generation if not of all time. She shines in her films no matter big or low budgeted films. I have a fearful forecast that she'll end up the actor with the most Oscar win in history.

Review posted by: Amayag

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       Are you serious?  A bunch of teen girls go gaga over her and the also overrated DiCaprio in Titanic and she rates higher than real actors and actresses.  Has anyone heard of Demi Moore?  Are we too young to know Jodie Foster?

Review posted by: Over Rated

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       Agreed.  Kate is very beautiful and a great actress.  Loved her in Titanic, the Holiday, ect.  She always seems to turn in a good performance and look great doing it.  You go girl.

Review posted by: DenMom

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       best acctresess of all time   her movies are amazing and exciting watch her movies  titanic little children the reader  pluse shes hawt as hell lol.

Review posted by: ryno 13

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