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Katharine Hepburn


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       The most amazing female actress,with so little films - so many nominations-

       The Lion In Winter- is unbelievable- every scene she is in is all hers.
Long Days Journey Into Night- the best and most demanding role for a women i think ever written in modern lit.  A classic play and the best female performance on film - thats classic writing acted true to text by an amazing woman- the whole movie is the most underrated and overlooked film in my opinion.which has to do with it being an independant production.
no money!!!

       All four major players in that movie were astounding- the movie to own and watch and study in class.  and of course on golden pond where she dives into the lake and swims at 75 no other actress did anything near what she did- watch- bringing up baby - her golf put shot at the begining- is all her- and how she hangs on by on arm at the end- all her
and watch pat & mike she is an amazing golfer and tennis player---
she had playwriters writing plays for her- and she was a smart business woman!

       desk set was hysterical with spencer tracy- great give and take dialogue in the scene on the roof!!!
suddenly last summer- is another tennessee wiliams part written for her
great alice adams was a great performance- should have won the oscar for-
the dinner scene when she catches her tears while fixing her hair- great!!!!!
she took alot of time off and really did not do that many movies
what other career spanned that long-did broadway and even a musical of coco channelwon an emmy - great movie with lawrence olivier in love amoung the ruins in 72 great sheakespeare in that too!!!! also toured in classical theatre- who does that now? - like to see bette davis in the merchant of venice!! hahahha no present day actress is as  diverse- meryl is the only woman now and she gets nominated for everything she does now good- or bad because she the only one  around. 

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