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 Kevin Spacey


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       Kevin Spacey never ceases to amaze me as an actor, whether he is playing a disgruntled and jaded teacher who learns to open up in Pay it Foward, or in his intimidating, wise-cracking role in Se7en. My personal favorite was his role in American Beauty. I hated his charactor for most of his film, because of the way he treated his family, yet I felt bad for him because of the way they treated him! As bad as he was though, I still felt like he deserved a second chance (though he never got one unfortianetly). That's what I like about his characters though...I can see some kind of development with his characters.

Review posted by: Hannai

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       I don't think it's possible for Mr. Spacey to do anything but forth an outstanding performance.  In Beyond the Sea, he didn't portray Bobby Darin, he WAS Bobby Darin.  Way too many movie goers stayed away from that movie.  Also unforgettable is his portrayal of a Savannah elite bachelor in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  Kevin Spacey, the man, is an enigma.  I don't know if he tries to be so difficult to get a handle on or if that is the way he is.  Fortunately Kevin Spacey, the actor beautifully portrays whoever he is supposed to be.  We need more Kevin.

Review posted by: Archer

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       Kevin Spacey has AMAZING acting skills! I was blown away when I saw his performance in the film K-PAX, which if you haven't seen, you really ought to because you're missing out! He also did a great job in his role in "Pay It Forward," while movie pulls at your heartstrings cause its sad, but very moving. I know I've seen him in a couple other films, but I'll be on a quest to check out more of his films. It's wonderful watching what a great talent he is! :) Please check out his stuff if you haven't seen it.

Review posted by: Yeah!!

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