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 Leonardo DiCaprio


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       he is really good at love stories let him explore his talent of acting.

Review posted by: sammie

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       i lLOVE leonardo dicaprio he is my favourite actor forever!!!! he is in my fav movie titanic i LOVE titanic with him in it. also he was really AMAZING IN...

  • -inception
  • -man in the iron mask
  • -catc me if you can
  • -what's eating gilbert grape

       great actor:).

Review posted by: kate

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       Leonardo DiCaprio no doubt one of the most ambitious celebrity in hollywood, have worked with A class directors like Martin scorsese, Steven Speilberg, James Cameron, Ridley Scott, Sam Mendes and in the future got a project with Clint Eastwood, certainly among the lucky actors to obtain such an esteem, He has entertained us with his mind blowing performances in The Aviator, Departed, Catch me if u you can. and with such master pieces in his filmography, it is evident he will get his golden statue in the future. but what i am going to mention and suggest is Leo should try something different now. He has been doing almost the same kind of roles for a long time.

       e.g: Inception, Shutter Island: a dark, troubled character who has lost his wife Revolutinary road: a person who is about to lose his life and is facing depression and same kind of  things go for Body of lies, Blood Diamnond, Departed with a bit alterations but the tag line: the chaacter is dark To be something great, one mst keep on bringing a change.

Review posted by: assad

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       I'm usually not a guy who buys movies but when I saw 'Catch me if you Can' and 'The Aviator' I immediately bought them. Di Caprio is gifted, every movie he plays in is just simply great. I also liked him in 'Gangs of New York,' 'Titanic' 'Blood Diamond,' 'Romeo and Juliet,' 'Body of Lies,' and 'The Departed' (simply brilliant). And if you didn't see 'Shutter Island' yet, you should, cause it is an outstanding picture. I can't wait to see 'Inception' in the cinema Friday.

Review posted by: cs

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       best actor ever and he will be going longer then robert de niro soon lol     TEAM LEO.

Review posted by: miss dicaprio

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       the all time best and hottist actor! :).

Review posted by: hoz

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       Leonardo DiCaprio  performance as the exuberant Howard Hughes in the Avaitor really showed what a fine actor he has become. Althought I thought he should have won the Oscar, I really think his best work is still to come.

Review posted by: R.S.

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       Leonardo DiCaprio is perhaps the best actor working today, and will be remembered as one of the greatest actors of all time.  He is a powerhouse of an actor and is a truly gifted artist that is always pushing the limits and accomplishing greatness in every role that he takes.  He is versatile, and dramatically can do basically anything.  More importantly, DiCaprio showcases an outstanding understanding of emotion, and delivers the perfect blend of pure intensity and sentimentality in all of his films.  Never has Leo put out a poor performance, and every role that he takes he adds more and more layers to his capabilities.  His idol is Robert De Niro, who of course, is the single greatest actor of all time.  This said, there is a new guy on the block... a new De Niro, and this is undoubtedly DiCaprio.  Only in his mid-thirties, Leonardo has accomplished more than most actors do in a life time.  it is only a matter of time before DiCaprio wins the Oscar that he is so overdo for.  Leonardo DiCaprio is simply brilliant, and we are all in for a treat as we see this master's wondrous career play out over the years.  

Top 10 DiCaprio Performances:

1. The Departed
2. What's Eating Gilbert Grape
3. The Aviator
4. Blood Diamond
5. The Basketball Diaries
6. Revolutionary Road
7. William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
8. Catch Me if You Can
9. Body of Lies
10. Titanic

       But of course he's brilliant in all of these others:
Total Eclipse, Marvin's Room, This Boy's Life, Gangs of New York, The Beach, Celebrity, The Quick and the Dead, and The Man in the Iron Mask.

Review posted by: zken

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  DiCaprio is generally really good in every movie he is in. I dont know if he just chooses really good roles or is an outstanding actor, but I am always happy when I see that a new Leo movie is coming out. I think that there is more to this guy than just a pretty face also.

Review posted by: Jen

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  One of the few actors who can be brilliant from his first film to his most recent.

Review posted by: Kendall

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Review posted by: Jessss

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