Best 100 Actors of all time
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Liam Neeson


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       No. 69? that's a disgrace. schindler's list alone should put him in top 25 caliber.

Review posted by: dfvbdfebvh

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       Taken was great action thriller it about kidnapping his daugher they want bring back to him so he gets angery track her down in paris  time for action to the bad people.

       Unknown is a suspense  liam got to accident  this a weird  about changes of his life with person  identity.

       Liam do a great excellent movies like harrsion ford reveages and actions.

Review posted by: taken unknown

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       He so needs to be in the top 20-25.  The way he played Oskar Schindler it should have been a tie between him and Hanks.  I'm behind u love him.

Review posted by: lise

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       Liam Neeson should probably be in Top 30 if not Top 50. People don't give him enough credit for how well he can assimilate to his characters. He deserves to be recognized as a great actor, not only for our generation, but for the history of cinema itself.

Review posted by: Spufooni

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