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Mark Wahlberg


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       mark wahlbergh you played as micky ward in the fighte you were excellent  in the boxing match busting up people good  like the movies as shooter as a actioner man killing people you showed up yourself .become the best  italina job  but the fighter didnt won best actor touch to do the best in movies.

Review posted by: the fighter

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       What?  Huh?  Why am I here?  What?  What's going on?  Huh?  (This is all said in a whiny voice)  That is my impression of every character portrayed by this very talented actor.  He's the same guy in every movie.  He's mediocre at best.

Review posted by: Shane

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       Who would have ever thought that Marky Mark of New Kids on the Block would turn out to be the fine actor he is.  He played a difficult role in "Boogie Nights" and played it to perfection.  I never quite got into the movie "The Departed" but I certainly got into Mr. Wahlberg's performance there as well.  He added value to "The Perfect Storm" by understanding the teamwork and companionship that set that movie apart from other disaster movies and went right along with the ensemble cast.  We thank you Mark Wahlberg for your decision to act instead of sing.  However, if you want to sing and act, that's okay too.  Just keep making movies.

Review posted by: Sugar

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       He should be top 30 because he is in some damn good movies such as: the italian job,invincible,boogie nights and counting.

Review posted by: Ya Boy

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