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 Mel Gibson


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       Mel Gibson is the Ted Nugent of acting. A great talent and entertainer but a complete waste as a human being.

Review posted by: Master of Sparks

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       Mel Gibson is crazy as %^*&.  Beat up on his girs and stuff.  Not cool to go all Mad Max when you're off set Mel.  Get it together.

Review posted by: AARON

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       Mel Gibson is by far one of the greatest actors I've know in my career as an actor Melly has taught me the meaning of life and is by far the best actor known.

Review posted by: Johnny Depp

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       Brave heart is a great movie  sad powerful story to understand  meaning about the movie mel gibson is great actor  his new movie edge of darkness was a good movie for reveage for his daughter murder he played good in edge of darkness lethal weapon 1  2  are the best of his old movie he  played a rough cop payback , signs , we were soldiers or great movies to watch as a great actor like  mel gibson.

Review posted by: edge of darkness

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       Hey Guys This is Mel Gibson; who we are talking about.  By far a legend.

Review posted by: M almutawa 

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