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 Nicolas Cage


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       In my opinion, Nicolas Cage is the greatest actor of all-time, hands down!  Very suave, cool, charismatic, and makes the viewer glue their eyes on his performance.  He is able to make sub-par movies watchable over and over again just to see him act.  I own mostly all of his movies, and thank him for the impact he's had on my life.
He is my idol

Review posted by: Justin

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       Nicolas cage is easily one of the best actors of our generation, he has made alot of brilliant films, one of which i believe is the best film i have ever seen; Face/Off... He is dedicated to his job, gets into every character and his passion is second to none. He is an Oscar winning actor who is very underated by all the critics. He is a LEGEND and i look forward, or should i say very excited to see his work in the future.

Review posted by: Anonymous

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       By Far the most expressive actor Alive.

Review posted by: Knome

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       If nothing else Nicolas Cage gives the little people hope.  He shows us that you don't need the movie star good looks or great acting talent to become rich and famous.  You don't even need to be believable as a human being to be a movie star.  You just need to be related to one of the greatest directors of all time.

Review posted by: Anon

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       Nicolas cage is my favourite actor . he is very charismatic. his work in national treasure is very good.

Review posted by: nadeem ansari

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       He is by far the worst actor ever made. if i had a gun with one bullet i would shoot him w/o second thought( though maybe brandon frasiar)  STOP ACTING LIKE YOU CAN ACT.

Review posted by: nathaniel

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       nicolas cage is the worst actor i have ever seen and i have watched high school plays.  i am in the us army and i thought that his work in world trade center was worse than the actual terrorist attacks that the movie got its concept from.  the only satisfying thing i could possibly imagine watching of nicolas cage's is the lowering of his casket into his grave.

Review posted by: sam

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       I have followed his career and he is an incredibly  talented actor.  His versatility is specially divine and his voice is golden.  His career presents a steady stream of films for which his fans are very thankfull.

       I have bought more of his movies than any other actor or production house including Disney and I have three little girls.

Review posted by: Dora Cumpian

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