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Orson Welles


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       I must agree with everything stated in the previous review.  I would like to add that Orson Welles was the consummate thespian.  He excelled in stage, radio and screen in all of its areas: directing, acting, producing and writing.  A true renaissance man of the 20th century.

       I hate to think we will never enjoy such a talent again in the realm of movies and the stage, but his is an impossible act to follow, I fear.  Even in the medium of the radio in the late 1930's Orson had everybody in a panic with his broadcast of  "The War of the Worlds."  Anyone I know old enough to have heard can tell you where they were at the moment it aired and how deeply frightened they were.  I regret forever that I wasn't there to hear ot and feel it.  The man's a genius.

Review posted by: Archer

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       What shocked me the most about this Top 100 Actors List is how low a spot Orson Welles has. He's one of the greatest thespians who ever embarked the silver screen, and unarguably the greatest character actor ever. As the master of such classic roles as the corrupt newspaper publisher in Citizen Kane, the blackmarket dealer in The Third Man, the sleazy cop in Touch of Evil, the trustworthy cardinal in A Man for All Seasons, the frantic undercover war criminal in The Stranger, and the aduacious preacher in Moby Dick; you really have to give Welles the credit he deserves. He was a Shakespearean actor who sought more cinema than art, going above and beyond his roles in Othello, Macbeth, and Chimes at Midnight, all of which he directed beautifully and gave performances of a lifetime. Welles is the true ideal of a legend.

Review posted by: Sam Dot

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