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Peter O'Toole


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       Peter O'Toole is the best thing that ever happened to historical films, particularly English history.  His well-played, diverse and always colorful characters drew us to movies such as Lawrence of Arabia (who ever heard of him before Peter O'Toole so flamboyantly portrayed him?) and King Henry II in both Becket and The Lion in Winter.  His two Henry's were about different times in English history and so demanded different portrayals by the actor.  In "The Last Emperor" O'Toole portrayed Reginald Johnston, a Scot and the tutor, mentor and friend of the last emperor of China, Puyi.  "The Last Emperor was yet another absorbing historical drama.  Peter O'Toole was also responsible for making "The Stunt Man" and "My Favorite Year" classics both but not in keeping with the theme of this review - historical movies.  Come to think of it, I don't recall that Peter O'Toole ever made a bad movie.  If he was in it, it couldn't be bad.

Review posted by: Vinnie

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