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 Robin Williams


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       Robin Williams not only does stand up comedy, he is a great actor in comedies, dramas and any other role he has been put into. Apart from this fact, he is the funniest actor that i have ever watched - what other actor puts his OWN lines into the role that he plays? Robin Williams is an all-rounder in his entertaining skills - he should be much closer to one - I myself think he should be #1.

Review posted by: Em

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       Oh my goodness. He is an aamazing actor. vietnam, mrs doubtfire & yet he switched gears to play good will hunting, 1 hour photo And what dreams may come.

       Talented funny if he isnt  one of the brightest of the past 30 yrs i cant imagine anyone who can fill his shoes.It isnt everyone who can play comedy & drama. I adore him.

       On a scale of 1-10 U sir are an 11.

Review posted by: lise

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       For being a funny man, Robin Williams is a bit backwards for me.  The only movies I have ever liked him in are movies where he is not trying to be funny like Good Will Hunting.  When trying to be funny I find him to truely be unwatchable.

Review posted by: aarat

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       Wow, all of his movies that need no introduction: Good Will Hunting, What Dreams May Come, and all the others haha! He is still a great actor. Congrats!

Review posted by: Williams

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