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 Russell Crowe


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       Think about every movie you have seen Russell Crowe in. Think of Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, Proof of Life, State of Play, Robin Hood, The Next Three Days, L.A. Confidential, Master and Commander: The Far side of the World. Now think how moving each of those movies were to you. Russell Crowe is the best actor alive, hence the reason why he won the Special Award at the Empire Awards in the United Kingdom in 2009 for "Actor of our Lifetime."

Review posted by: Jay

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       I think you must not look at the name of the actors like : marlon brando .
they are great  but i think russell has wonderful power that he used it on ; GLADIATOR - A BEAUTIFUL MIND - MASTER AND COMMANDER - CINDRELLA MAN and ...

Review posted by: Hossein

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       my favorite actor. just watched 'state of play' and as usual with his movies, very good. if you look at his list of movies, the variety of charactors and quality of performances, he's definitely amongst the best of the best ever. i love his range - controlled cool to raging passion, funny and lighthearted to obsessed. since the '90s he's been the most consistent in making good movies superb with his performances. extremely hard working, the guy never stops or takes time off, his passion for acting is inspiring.

Review posted by: Patrick

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       For some reason I feel like his best roll doesn't get enough play.  Loved his portrayal of John Nash in A Beautiful Mind.  Wonderful movie and wonderfully acted.  I also liked Gladiator but don't tell anyone...

Review posted by: Anon

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       He is the best of the best.

Review posted by: guylee

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       He started off a violent skin head (romper stomper) to a courageos slaved gladiator and did a biopic of a boxer in the 1930 he is definantly the best man for playing of a tough character.

Review posted by: gladiator

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       He is the one of the greatest actors ever in hollywood with his mindblowing performances he just can do any type of role weather an adventure movie or a drama he performs to the best .

       The best part of his action is undoubtedly his facial expressions.

Review posted by: Shashank

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