Best 100 Actors of all time
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 Shia LaBeouf


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       Shia being on this list is a tragedy... Might as well put Jaleel White from Family Matters on here.... Voters feel free to google both that name and actor being that most of you are probably under 16 years old.

Review posted by: GetReal

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       Baloney! Shia Labeouf in the top 100 actors! You have got to be kidding me! And how is Michael C.Hall not on this list, huh? I mean sure, he has only done like one thing but that one thing is, in my opinion, the best freaking show ever (Dexter)! And he is terrific in that show! Come on.

Review posted by: Dexter

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       You got Shia ranked higher than Michael Douglas you goofballs.

Review posted by: Dave

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       Are you %^*&ting me people??? this kid is as talented as Corey Haim, and he still hasn't done as much work as Corey has. Get real.

Review posted by: David

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       He diserves to be #1 hands down and all the males in the top 25 is total bs, they are rated the best because they are good looking? no lets see them go from a teen t.v. star on disney as a weird broter to an adult doing roles like eagle eye. Shia diserves #1.

Review posted by: truth

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