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 Sidney Poitier


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       I am appalled that this true icon is this far down the list.  This man is and always will be the reason Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones and Will Smith even got a chance.

       Lillies of the Field, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, To Sir With Love, the list goes on and on.

Review posted by: Larry

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       Sidney Portier would never agree with me when I say that he succeeded in spite of it all.  In spite of tthe rampant racism that was part of the country's culture  at the time he entered movies and in spite of the narrow mindedness of Hollywood at the same time.  Sidney's secret is he didn't play his roles as a black man, but as an actor who understood the role in which he was cast.  Forget the black part and the fact that he and Harry Belafonte brought a new world to black actors and actresses.  Sidney Portier, no matter his race or age or incredible good looks is one heck of a talent.  Anyone who can play the officer Mr Tibbs, the construction worker, Homer Smith,  a high school professor and a fiance in an interracial marriage is not after glory, he's after satisfying his creative soul (much to his audiences's delight).  Sidney Portier has never had a dishonest moment in his acting career.

Review posted by: Archer

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