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Spencer Tracy


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       The most beautiful thing abut Tracy's performances is they never seemed like performances.  He was arguably the most natural actor of all time.  Even though his roles ran the gamut from comedy to high drama, he never played the part, he WAS the part.  In his many roles he was a buffoon, a consummate lawyer, a romantic lead, a father, a hero and a bad guy.  Perhaps his most noted roles pitted him against the formidable Katherine Hepburn, both in screen and real life  Then he turned around and played the once again, formidable, Clarence Darrow in "Inherit the Wind" facing up to Frederick March as William Jennings Bryan.  Spencer Tracy was nothing if not versatile both onstage and off.  He balanced marriage and family and Miss Hepburn.  He set up a foundation for his deaf son, The John Tracy Clinic all the while battling the alcoholism that finally killed him.  Talk about your man in full.

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