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Steve McQueen


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       As I recall, the first movie I saw Steve McQueen is was "The Blob."  I'm not sure he would like to be remembered for that seriously yucky movie, but it was really more damn fun, and so was he.  He was actually taking his role seriously when that big red glob of goo threatened him and his town.  Fortunately, Steve didn't get type cast for that sort of movie and went on to excel in many more  realistic movies.  He actually had a wide range of acting talents.  He was far different in "Papillon" than "The Great Escape; "  different in "Bullitt" than he was in "The Getaway" or any of his other movies, none of which were bad because he was in it.  Steve McQueen was a talented actor, but you always knew he was behind the role.  His personality and screen presence were always undeniably Steve McQueen, whether he was good guy or villian, cowboy or lover.  He was always himself.  In his case, that was a good thing.

Review posted by: Fluffy

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