Best 100 Actors of all time
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 Tom Cruise


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       Personal life aside. Tom Cruise has done some good work. I wouldn't give him a top 10 or 25 but who can forget his role as the blood thristy Lestat in "Interview with a Vampire" or his role as the completely screwed over lawyer in the organized crime family drama  "TheFirm".

Review posted by: R.S.

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       It is my understanding that Tom Cruise believes that he is Jesus.  Is this incorrect?  He is an average actor at best and just happens to be bat shit crazy.  Not sure how he snuck on to this otherwise very good list.

Review posted by: Rudy

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       he is a fantastic actor of all time,he should deserve the place in top 10.

Review posted by: NICK

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       member of the brat pack, however was ordinary. given roles in top gun, days of thunder, a few good men etc., he played the son who couldnt live up to his father which made he's movies repetitious, it was'nt till interview with a vampire which caused him the controversy that made him a better actor. he has done some good movies with the right backing that has made him a big star. he has no place in the top 100 in my opinion, he is nothing without his producers.

Review posted by:  Anonymous

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