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Viggo Mortensen


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       Viggo Mortensen is the best superstar in Holleywood.  Are you agree with me,Terry?

Review posted by: unknown

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       The best actor of all time is just Viggo Mortensen. He must be in the top 10.

Review posted by: Nima Raissi

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       Viggo is one of the most talented actors. He plays the difficult role and character but make it  to look easy.

Review posted by: $

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       Viggo mortensen is the best actor in latest time.

Review posted by: nima

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       Viggo has a way of drawing you right into the action with him. Very talented and of course I love his love for horses. He is a great painter-poet, singer and I could go on and on.  My favorite movies are HILDAGO, APPOLOOSA, LORD OF THE RINGS AND WELL JUST LIST ALL. He is talking of retiring but I hope he is just taking a break.  Excellant actor with alot of passion for his work. I would love to see him do a film that revolces around horses and his wonderful swordsmanship. Keep up the good work VIGGO.  Thanks for all you do.  TC OX.

Review posted by: MS. Terry Crutchfield

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