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Agatha Christie


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       Her books are just the works of a genius. Ingenuity and foreplanning are evident in each and evey page of every book i managed to read (50). Wish we could get another writer such as Agath Christie.

Review posted by: M.JOSH

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       Agatha Christie's mysteries could only have been written by an Englishperson.  The sense of humor, characters and locations in her novels, which have also been made into movies and plays, could only have come at the hand of a Brit.  Her novels "And Then There Were None,""Witness for the Prosecution, " "Ten Little Indians," "Murder on the Orient Express," and "Death on the Nile." became successful movies all.  Her play "The Mouse Trap" has the longest initial run of any play anywhere,  opening on November 25, 1952 at London's Ambassador Theater and still going strong after 23,000 performances.  Miss Christie won the Grand Master Award in 1955, which is the Mystery Writers of American's highest honor.  Only the Bible has sold more than the estimated 4 billion copies of her novels.

Review posted by: Mitzi

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