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Ayn Rand


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       Those who castigate Ayn Rand for  shallowness in characterisation and obsessiveness in theme should mark more whence she comes in her thought. She is always using a variety of literary forms to warn of the subtle unrelenting pressure of  the State and its depressing weight on any individualism that does not worship the current unelected regime.

       Surely it is obvious that the spreading activism in the Middle East is 'Ayn Rand in delayed effect.'  She saw the horror of State weight on people that her cirtics have never remotely experienced, and they do not imagine how it feels to not be able to post free ideas.

Review posted by: Neil

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       The characters in her novels are very one dimentional and always extremely predictable.  Her writing would go over better with me if she simply stuck to non fiction.  He books are not at all subtle.  Its like hitting you over the head with objectivism.  800+ pages of it in each of her two major works.  Too much to handle for me.

Review posted by: aCES

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       Ayn Rand is a nut.  Her books are long and drawn out saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over... You get the idea.  We get it Ayn.  You don't like socialism.  Great.

Review posted by: Rich 

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       Ayn Rand's philosophy of objectivism is an integral part in all of her novels.  Perhaps that she is a native of Russia has added to her philosophy of life.  Communism, apparently did not sit well with Ms. Rand.  As I state this, do not take it that I think her writing is anything but first rate.  It is.  She has written some terrific novels, among them "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead," both of which are hundreds of pages long and which I could not put down.  Even so, they both contain her concept of objectivism in abundance.  This philosophy lives today and will probably endure into the future.  It ibasically involves that one should live their lives responsibly and their first duty is to themselves.  Altruism be damned.  Altruism is against the survival instinct.  Without selfishness, no living thing can survive.  This sounds really harsh.  I apologize for that.  Ayn Rand's philosophy is not harsh, it is full of truth.

Review posted by: Yanni

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