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Charles Dickens 


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       he is really a nice author big it up to all his novels.

Review posted by: sammie

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       Charles deserves top spot. Shakespeare should be second. When I get older I want to be a writer just like Dickens. I have imitated his writing and my teachers have been surprised. His writing has inspired me and many others to  be like his characters. Chares Dickens has gotten through to his readers through his characters and will live on forever.

Review posted by: Nelson

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       Charles Dickens is the best author of all time & I wonder why hasn't he topped the list.

       I completed A Tale of Two Cities in just one sitting (three hours) and was charmed. He deserves the top spot. He was an utter genius who created such superb characters which are quite easy to find even today. The way events are visualized in his typical method, it changes the way one looks at an event. Some characters are philosophical while others are romantic, serene, cynical and even comic.The mesmerizing characters like Estella, Pip,(Great Expectations) Charles Darnay, Lucie,(A Tale of Two Cities) Prof. Gradgrind, Sissy Jupe (Hard Times) etc. are common names even today. He was the real king of literature.

Review posted by: Pranshu Bhatnagar

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       Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield, A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, and many others. Charles Dickens is the author Tale of Two Cities, the most best-selling book in english text. If you want a thick book, read David Copperfield, a good one, A Christmas Carol!! A Classic, Tale of Two Cities, selling over 200 Million copies:)

Review posted by: BookGod

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       Charles Dickens had a God-given genius for writing. His books abound with everything a reader could want. His works have never gone out of print.  I remember the day I first picked up ''Great Expectations'' as a lad. That incredible novel so infused me with a love of literature that I have been reading ever since. Wit, action, drama, humor, tragedy, Jules Verne said, ''There is everything in Dickens.''

Review posted by: Anthony

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