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Dr. Seuss


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       I read Dr. Seuss's books when I was a child and still remember them fondly.  My daugther read Dr. Seuss's books when she was a child and still remembers them fondly.  That's longevity in a writer's production.  The kind that comes from an adult with the imagination of a child and the writing talent to put in down in words as no author has since.  His remarkable, unforgettable characters will live on for generations of children.  This means that not only I, my daughter and generations after her will have the Ooblick, The Cat in the Hat, Horton, the Who, Green Eggs and Ham and the Grinch to treasure.  Dr. Seuss (pen name of Theodore Geisel) also illustrated his books with the same bountiful imagination he wrote them.  Wonderful to see him included in a list of authors, not just authors for children's literature.  If he were just for kids, why would I remember his books so vividly.

Review posted by: Mitzi

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       No review here, I just think that it is wonderful that a thinker/writer as innovative and free-spirited as Seuss is included in this list. Well done, list-makers.

Review posted by: Krealillen

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