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F. Scott Fitzgerald 


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       The post by U Rine, as his name implies, should be flushed down the toilet.

       Gatsby, of course, is maybe the Greatest American Novel, barring no contender.  But Fitzgerald has a great number of other works worth reading.   Considering his novels, from his brilliant debut, This Side of Paradise, to his epic, unfinished final work, The Last Tycoon: each of his books (except perhaps Tender is the Night) is a top-shelf satirical exploration of the meretricious excesses of the storied Golden Age of American high society.

       Not only are his novels amazing, but his short stories stand among the greatest contributions to American literature, as well.  Fitzgerald was a prolific short-story author, producing decades of fantastic short stories outside of the handful of lastingly commercially sucessful offerings like "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz".  Fitzgerald is always noted for his quintissential charactisation of the social flavour of 1920's America, but it should also be remembered that his ability to turn a poetic phrase to evoke the guttural, subconscious reaction to a good smile or skewer the presumptive arrogance of the "Upper Classes" of jazz-age America counts him among the greatest literary masters of the English language.

       Fitzgerald not only belongs on this list, but she should come in higher than he currently does.

Review posted by: Jack Frost

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       F. Scott Fitzgeral was THE author of the jazz age.  With his Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night and The Last Tycoon he distilled the sensibilities of that era as no one else did.   His many short stories are also notable for depicted the times of the jazz age.  His life was at it's fullest in the 1920's and so were his writings.  His tumultuous love affair and subsequent marriage to the also talented Zelda Sayre undoubtedly colored many of his writings.  Zelda was diagnosed with Schizophrenia some years after their marriage and F. Scott cared for her as long he could before putting her into an institution.  Ernest Hemingway, a good friend, always felt Zelda was trying to distract her husband from his work with drink and so despised her.  I think Mr. Fitzgerald would have had a few in any case.

Review posted by: CrAAnce

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       One Book.  Right?  This guy has one book that is worth reading.  That, in my opinion, does not merit a spot so near the top of this list of great authors.  I'm not so sure that his one book (Gatsby) is even all that great.  I would remove Fitzgerald or at least move him down on the list.  There are others who have a wide range of great books that should populate the top of such a list.

Review posted by: U. Rine

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