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Fyodor Dostoevsky 


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       I have read Crime and Punishment, The village of Stepanchikovo, now reading Brothers Karamazovs.  For me Dostoevsky is the most important author at this moment.  If you wish to explore yourself and find miserable characters of yours and deal with them, that's the author for you.

       At first I was thinking to myself that this is probably some classic author who has pages of uninteresting dialogs with words noone uses, and I was right, but you get the understanding of this words and what do they mean to you.

       Anyway he is a Great Author. If you like listening to Tool, Perfect Circle and you like the dark, anger filled lyrics and exploration of youself of your ego, soul whatever you call it, your habbits, knowledge than that's the book for you, except it's more deeper then Tool and any other music.  I Advise to start reading Crime and Punishment first to get the sense of what the author is all about, and that he is no fancy aristocrat wich writes about happy rich people and succesfull people. In fact he has a book called Humiliated and Insulted. I don't know if everyone is going to find it as I do. Hope this will help a wondering mind.

Review posted by: cohuro

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       Fyodor Dostoevsky might as well be the greatest writer of all time or the greatest literary psychologist for that matter. Crime and Punishment was great. Brothers karamazov was ouststanding. the possessed is probably the greatest horror story and underground notes changed a century.

Review posted by: paul

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       To me there is noone better than Dostoevsky.  I just finished reading Crime and Punishment and I believe that the book actually made me physically ill during the week that it took me to read.  I believe that this book actually effected my health.  It is today the greatest book that I have ever read.  That being said I will never read it again nor will I ever read another Dostoevsky book.  I just don't think I could take it.

Review posted by: Zion

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