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George Orwell 


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       Im sorry, but you people think that John Steinbeck and Jane Austen above Orwell.  Good authors but seriously?  Anyone who has read "Animal Farm" and "1984" and understands them fully, will agree with me in that Orwell should at least be in the top three.  Without a doubt no author has manage to incorporate his views so well into litrerature as well as him.  Name one more author that manages to put their views of Russian communism and human corruption behind a childrens fairytale?

Review posted by: Greg

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       George Orwell, for me, represents the perfect author, the ultimate champion of freedom, the hero of socialism and unwavering heart when it comes to the truth i remember when i read "homage to catalonia" about his his time in the POUM Militia in spain, his experiance and his changing views,  noted as a child for being a true free thinker and someone who loves to argue for the sake of it, a man who believed in his ideals so much he got shot, risked his life, for them his writing is charismatic and ahead of its time, and yet, at the same moment he is the traditional tea drinking gentle englishman, who you would call an obvious conservative if seen first, his works are built on matters of great importance, with ironic overtones and a sly sort of humor, as if he slipped it in hoping the editor didn't notice, so honest in his use of words its hard to believe sometimes he was a jounalist, uncompromising intellectual honesty which made him appear almost inhuman at times.  to often are so called "voices of the common man" not really there voice, orwell stood out in working class crowds and was known, he was an intellectual of the best sort, quite, empathic, tricksome and polite, RIP.

Review posted by: Ciaren

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