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Harper Lee


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       Harper Lee wrote a groundbreaking book in "To Kill a Mockingbird."  It's a story about justice, fairness and prejudice and how ignorance exacerates the latter and weakens the former   Atticus Finch is a lawyer in a small town in the south who chooses to defend a black man whom he believes is innocent of the charge. of rape  Atticus has two small children.  The family (Atticus  is a widower) live in the same neighborhood as a weird hermit, name of Boo Radley.  The kids all make up frightening stories about Boo because he is different.  Truth is, he's just a loner, there's nothing scary about him.  In the end he saves the lives of Atticus' children and they are no longer frightened.  As for the defendent, Atticus gets him off when the truth is finally told about the alleged crime he committed.  A crime that came out of lies and prejudices having nothing to do with truth and/or justice.  Harper Lee wrote the book in a no -onsense vernacular style, showing that her long friendship with the excellent writer, Truman Capote certainly didn't hurt her any.

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