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J.K. Rowling


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       I wonder which harry potter fan made this list?This selection made this list looks stupid without a tiny single bit of doubt.CMMON PEOPLE.

Review posted by: bruz

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       she is really a genuis hello to all ladies who are authors.

Review posted by: sammie

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       Okay, I understand that her books are very well written and are all best-sellers, but do I think she's better than Vladimir Nabokov, Homer, Robert Louis Stevenson, Herman Melville, Harper Lee, or Joseph Conrad?  No.  Lolita, The Iliad and The Odyssey, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Mobey Dick, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Heart of Darkness are all books that were written with more thought-provoking themes, and more mesmerizing and important ideas than the Harry Potter series.  This is awful.

Review posted by: Shane

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       Anton, you are a complete idiot, don't realise people love J.K.Rowlings because she is a fantastic author, and writes amazing novels which is the REAL reson she is on the list and your probbaly one of the only people who think she's rubish. Yes, Shakespeare is a BRILLIAT author and by far my favorite but J.K.Rowlings is also great and you have NO idea what your talking about. Secondly kids are IN NO WAY to immature for Shakespeare, i'm 14 and i LOVE shakepeare and so do heaps of my friends, its what makes english class great, teachers make us study not because they are stupied but because as you said he is the best author of all time.

Review posted by: Elizabeth

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       I LOVE J.K. ROWLING! She is a genius with an amazing imagination. The Harry Potter Series is by far the best one that I have ever read! It has everything in it that a bookworm like me could ever ask for in fantasy.

Review posted by: Adriana L.

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       J.K.Rowling   is the best author of my generation.Her books ''Harry Potter'' are some of the best   books have ever written.Personnally I think it won't be ever written a book like this .I wish she     wrote other books too.

Review posted by: Dominique

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       JK Rowling is the finest modern fantasy writer of her generation. Her language is very lucid and has a mystery of her own. I especially like her interwoven plots and her habit of keeping the secrets for the end of the book. All her books were unputdownable and kept me reading late into the night and even made me cry when Dumbledore died. Her characters are more than real and take thereader on a magical odessy. You are compelled to wish that you were a part of Harry's world and there is something in every character that we can identify ourselves with. Her subltety with words and reality of expression is commendable. However there have been certain loopholes that can easily be forgiven. But sans the errors she would still be called best modern fantasy writer of our time. I would be desperately waiting for her next book since Harry Potter series are over now. I hope she comes up with something equally enchanting.

Review posted by: zaahir

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       She is the best author according to me. Her books of Harry Potter are  the best., no matter how many times one has read it you just want to read it again.

Review posted by: Bhavya

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