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Jodi Picoult


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       Jodi Picoult is by far one of the best authors I've read in quite some time. Her words flow from one page to the next and keep you guessing as to what is going to happen. She truly understands what it takes to make her readers feel the depth of human emotion that she is portraying, My Sister's Keeper never gets old and I cry every time. Her books make her readers think. I love that about her work. I'm looking forward to her newest addition to the family.

Review posted by: Jenny

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       Jodi Picoult is the most realistic modern author. Her ability to demonstrate the varying human emotions and the art of weaving tales out of the most difficult issues underlying in the society is probably her greatest strength. Her stories provoke the reader to think and base conclusions on her characters. The characters are so real that they could be anyone among us and everyone could find a little of themselves in them. Given the fact that she selects realistic themes from problems that the modern society is desperately in need of answers, makes her popular among the masses. She is only one of the few authors who can accurately express the  human psyche and nuances that govern the mind. The characters are real for they exude the vulnerabilities that every human faces and hence the reader can view himself in their shoes. Her characters are not larger than life but humble and worth sympathy. This makes her stories a delectable read and makes us all grope our conscience for answers that we all seek unconciously but forget in the busy humdrum of life. "My Sister's Keeper" by far her most endearing and heart touching book. And I hope her 2010 book on Asperger Syndrome will be another feather in her cap.

Review posted by: Zaahir

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